Aim high but stay grounded with a comfortable, durable sneaker 1made from 90% recycled materials. 2 Whether you’re grabbing after-work drinks with friends or exploring the world, 3 Fullup. will take you anywhere and everywhere 4in style.
Our patented FullupLite 360 soles ensure comfort and flexibility underfoot.
We’re committed to using recycled, vegan and low-VOC materials.
Our team hand-assembles each pair in clean, safe, chemical-free factories.
Each sneaker has just eight parts – an intelligent design that reduces waste.

We're Making Every Step Count

Award-Winning Design

Each hand-assembled Fullup. sneaker has been thoughtfully designed, as recognized by the 2023 IF Design Award.

Environmentally Responsible

We seek cleaner, healthier ways to make shoes you can feel good about wearing. Read more about our processes here.

Premium Craftsmanship

From our patented soles to recycled knit uppers, every step feels better than the last. 

Stories and people that inspire us.
LA ceramicist Catherine Yan Lustro on finding beauty in the imperfect
How to embrace slow fashion – as fast as possible
Chef Merlin Labron-Johnson, of Michelin-starred Osip, on Bruton’s creative scene

Infinity Cloud White Knit Sneaker

The classic clean sneaker in white, or if you prefer, with just a pop of color. Sporting a relaxed silhouette, our classic white sneaker combines style and sustainability, making it the perfect companion for work, play and exploring the world.

A fully breathable, single-layer knit upper and ultra-light sole ensure year-round comfort, while the minimalist design works for both men and women.

And when they need a refresh? Simply remove the insole and pop them in the washing machine. 

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Better for the earth

We pride ourselves in designing stylish and sustainable sneakers that stand the test of time. Take a closer look at our values, achievements and commitments to better understand what Fullup. stands for.  

Fullup. Your Way